Enigma is a Ransomware-Decryption-as-a-Service that offers simple and secure file decryption for over 30+ active ransomware variants. Enigma follows a technical approach to decrypt files without a key or a ransom payment to the attackers.

Yes, in free trial mode, you can upload upto 1 GB of file with each file with max limit of 250MB. It is recommended to upload a group of files in order to identify the ransomware variant pattern and then apply the decryption service.

Once you sign-up and upload your files for decryption, our application will perform the necessary checks to confirm that files can be successfully decrypted. Once the attempt is successful, you can upgrade the plan based on your need.

Once payment is completed, you receive a block of data based on the selected plan. By now, your portal will be in ready in decryption mode. The files you uploaded will be analyzed, decrypted and you will receive a notification when your files are ready for download.

Yes, you can upload more and new files to the portal as long as you are within the plan specified limit. You can always navigate to your dashboard and upgrade to purchase more data to decrypt more files.

The storage mode is available on request basis, to retain the data in our portal. The price required to retain data will be less than 15% of the plan you are enrolled in and based on the GB/TB of data stored.

No. In order to decrypt new files, you need to upgrade your plan to one that covers your data limits.

No exactly. We do not guarantee to decrypt all or any kind of files, however, we have successfully decrypted about 80% of all ecrypted files for our  past clients.

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